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Thanks Ayden, and fully understood. I still have a preference for minimising travel time/jetlag/cost but am happy to fall in with the majority.

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Thanks for your comment, Marie-

I just thought I'd quickly note that I think, from next year, that the Policy Forums may be extending in length by one day to five days (unless I am mistaken) to allow for outreach.

In addition, the Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group has historically used the days prior to the Policy Forum for our own internal capacity building. We did this last year in Johannesburg over two days (largely funded by an external donor), and we are doing that next month in Panama City, adding a day to the meeting, so this does extend the length of the meeting for us. I am not sure if other parts of the community do this too. I know that when the CCWG was in full swing it had a day zero event, and I think some Review Teams might too.

If we add the Strategic Planning Session to the end of the five-day Policy Forum (already six or seven days for members of the NCSG), I have a suspicion our productivity will be on the decline, both from exhaustion and from reflecting on the battles that have taken place earlier in the week and which remain in our minds.

I can only speak for myself here, but I would find it much easier to get away for a three day meeting (Strategic Planning Session) and a five day meeting (Policy Forum) than I would for a single, eight or nine day-long meeting. I have a suspicion I am not alone with this preference.

Finally, as we have new Council members appointed at the end of the Annual General Meeting in October, having the Strategic Planning Session take place in the new year -- a good month before our first 'real' Council meeting -- makes for a very helpful induction. Or at least that was my feeling, as a new member of the Council who joined only recently.

Best wishes,


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Thanks Heather.
Although “separate from” the public meeting, I still think it could be before/after one to minimise travel time (and flight cost), especially so for the Policy Forum where the meeting itself is so much shorter.

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Thanks Heather

Did we already agree on dates, or was that left open?

I suspect there will be several changes in faces on Council before the end of the year, as several of us are either up for re-election or are term limited.



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Dear Council colleagues,

I write with some welcome good news, for the GNSO generally and next year's GNSO Council in particular.

I have just received notice that our Additional Budget Request for holding a Strategic Planning Session in 2019 has been approved. You may recall that the request built in flexibility as to a 2 or 3 day schedule, in view of the FY19 budget and the 2018 SPS schedule (taking into account that the day we had on Bylaws review was a one-off). From our request, I understand that ICANN org has recommended that the Board approve a full 2-day face-to-face meeting of the Council, to be held separately from an ICANN Public Meeting. I also understand that the ABR process was highly competitive, with 55 applications received, and that most requests were scaled back to some degree. I personally believe we've done well here to get the 2 full days, and I'm confident that the next Council leadership team and Council can make good use of this to continue the professionalisation and learning process.

We have too much on our collective plates right now to begin planning, but I would suggest that Rafik, Donna and I give some preliminary thought to the logistics as our term ends, to hand over to the 2018-19 Council when it is seated in Barcelona.

Best wishes,


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