[council] Q&A with GNSO Chair nominees - your questions

Heather Forrest haforrestesq at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 07:29:26 UTC 2018

Dear Council colleagues,

I hope that your travels are going well or have gone well, depending on how
far along you are en route to Barcelona.

We have at 1410 on our Sunday working agenda some time with Keith and Rafik
to hear their visions for the Council Chair role and ask questions. The
question time works best (I speak from experience!) when the candidates
have the questions in advance and can reflect upon those.

With that in mind, please post any questions that you would like to pose to
Keith and/or Rafik on the Council list.  The GNSO Secretariat will ensure
that the questions reach Rafik and Keith.

I'll start to get the ball rolling! Question for both - *what do you
anticipate to be the biggest challenge in serving as GNSO Council Chair in

Many thanks and best wishes,

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