[council] Update re Privacy and Proxy Services Accreditation Implementation

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Below is the latest update on this IRT.  I believe ICANN staff will cover
this in our Sunday working session at 10:30.  The IRT is scheduled to meet
in Barcelona on October 24 to discuss IRT members' feedback about this new

The other open item for this IRT is the issue of privacy/proxy
registrations and IRTP Part C as outlined in the annex to the GNSO Council
letter (see
This was referred to the IRT in December 2017 and was intended to be
addressed following publication of the IRT's Initial Report.  I expect
staff will want to consider if this work should be moved up given the
latest update.


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Dear Colleagues,

I hope you are well. I want to share a status update on the Privacy and
Proxy Service Provider Accreditation Program implementation project.

After much consideration, ICANN org believes that work toward
implementation of the Privacy and Proxy Service Provider Accreditation
Program should be slowed, pending the completion of work on the EPDP and
related efforts, which are expected to provide greater clarity about
third-party access to non-public registration data.

ICANN org believes that we should slow our work toward final implementation
of PP Accreditation Program requirements until the results of the EPDP are
known. Proceeding to implementation of privacy/proxy at this stage may
result in establishing requirements for third-party access to nonpublic
registration data held by privacy and proxy service providers that would be
inconsistent with the policies developed for registry operators and
registrars in the EPDP. In the interim, ICANN org will continue work on
unfinished items that are not directly related to data privacy issues in
consultation with the IRT (e.g. final reviews of the accreditation program
materials, consideration of data escrow-related arrangements for registrar
affiliates, etc).

I want to reiterate how much we appreciate your hard work on this IRT. I’ll
update you as I know more about how ICANN org plans to proceed on this

If you would like to discuss further, I encourage you to attend our
scheduled PP IRT working meeting at ICANN 63, on Wednesday, 24 October, at
1330 UTC, and/or reply to the list. At our session at ICANN63, we will
discuss any questions or feedback you may have about the project’s status.
Remote participation for the session will be available here:
https://63.schedule.icann.org/meetings/901773. I’ll send you a separate
calendar invite, as well.

I look forward to seeing those of you who will be in Barcelona (and safe



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