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My understanding was that ICANN's Geographic Regions Strategy (which holds that there are five geographic regions) was developed by the cross-community Geographic Regions Review working group, so I don't really understand why GSE has its own, distinct set of regions which differs from those found in the ICANN bylaws?


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> Dear All,
> In relation to a question previously received in relation to the regions referred to in the report, please note that:
> “The Middle East is not one of the ICANN’s 5 geographic regions, but it is one of the regions covered by the Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) team, and it has its own regional engagement strategy developed by the community. Information in the report below comes from the GSE team, hence it’s been reported per each of the GSE regions. ICANN has 5 regional offices, one of which is in Istanbul and it serves Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.”
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>> The announcement and the report have been published:
>> Announcement: [https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2019-01-31-en [icann.org]](https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.icann.org_news_announcement-2D2019-2D01-2D31-2Den&d=DwMGaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=7_PQAir-9nJQ2uB2cWiTDDDo5Hfy5HL9rSTe65iXLVM&m=3vmoZE3LxzVAoA4Ve7mVCZVegvtF-9W_82NB3ydWiY0&s=55hYbA4PwfHm7UwpuoPv51Fg8YUbJIQn3hcIEWCx56c&e=)
>> Report: [https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/legislative-regulatory-30jan19-en.pdf [icann.org]](https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.icann.org_en_system_files_files_legislative-2Dregulatory-2D30jan19-2Den.pdf&d=DwMGaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=7_PQAir-9nJQ2uB2cWiTDDDo5Hfy5HL9rSTe65iXLVM&m=3vmoZE3LxzVAoA4Ve7mVCZVegvtF-9W_82NB3ydWiY0&s=8Mbl0haPHHDfMyMO5CHtc63-W0fPXG6wYj08MXlGHus&e=)
>> The report has also been added to the Legislative / Regulatory Reports page here under 2019: [https://www.icann.org/legislative-report-2019 [icann.org]](https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.icann.org_legislative-2Dreport-2D2019&d=DwMGaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=7_PQAir-9nJQ2uB2cWiTDDDo5Hfy5HL9rSTe65iXLVM&m=3vmoZE3LxzVAoA4Ve7mVCZVegvtF-9W_82NB3ydWiY0&s=XxvdoMIJFJg-w-_N78eoMqnGgTTq2zoKfKzCJQ6ZR5Y&e=)
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