[council] Motion For EPDP Final Report Approval

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Hi Rafik,

I confirm receipt and this has been posted on the motions wiki page: https://community.icann.org/x/vYE2Bg

Thank you.

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Hi all,

I am glad to submit today the motion for the approval of EPDP Final Report Please find attached the motion and the draft final report. That version of the report is being currently reviewed by EPDP team members during this week - "quiet time". You will find below a cover letter from the EPDP leadership team giving more details in that regard.

The motion may need to be amended in due time to be in line with the level of support for the recommendations in the Final Report.

Best Regards,

Rafik Dammak

Dear Councillors:

We are pleased to present this Draft Final EPDP Report Final Report of the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data.

The purpose in sending this draft Final Report is so that you can become acquainted with its layout and contents in advance of the release of the Final Report, expected on 20 February. It is hoped that this early release will facilitate your review of the final document.

The EPDP Team is grateful to have two additional weeks for its deliberations.We are using the first week as a sort of “quiet period” to review the draft Final Report and have scheduled meetings for next week to reach conclusions on open issues. So we expect so substantive and non-substantive amendments to the report.

With regard to the level of consensus, the report indicates those items where:
· The Chair has indicated a consensus level and the EPDP Team has had the opportunity to review and comment on that designation
· The Chair has indicated a level of Consensus and the EPDP Team has not yet had the opportunity to review and comment on that designation
· The Chair has not made a designation yet because the issue is still open for some discussion.

In many (nearly all) of the open recommendations, we are very close to final language but we have attempted to be conservative in the consensus designation and so have left some of these recommendations with no designation as of yet. The language you are reading in this report is close to final.

Sections that still remain open are designated with brackets. The next steps for those sections are highlighted in yellow.

We will also conduct a final Consensus call on the entire document when the report is final to identify any issues raised by the interplay between the Recommendations.

Finally, and there will be more about this when the final report is delivered, this work product represents a significant sacrifice in time and effort by the working group members and, more significantly, a willingness by them to collaborate, cooperate, and compromise for our common goals.

Best regards,

EPDP Leadership Team
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