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Wed Feb 20 12:08:55 UTC 2019

Dear Councillors,

please find below the questions sent by ICANN board for their meeting with
us in Kobe. please review them as we are going to discuss that during our
council meeting tomorrow.

Best Regards,


Dear Constituency and Stakeholder Groups Chairs,

*Questions from your Groups to the Board - Please reply no later than
Monday 18 February 2019*

On behalf of the Board, I would like to wish each and every one of you, a

In 2019, the Board and I are determined to work with you more closely than
ever to make it a productive and successful year for ICANN’s future.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and discussing with you
during ICANN64 which will take place in Kobe between 9-14 March 2019.

This time in particular, the Board would like to listen to your suggestions
in order to make ICANN’s big plans successful.

*What does it mean*?

In 2018, besides GDPR, the Community, the Board and ICANN org have worked
tirelessly on several key plans that are now or soon will be out for public

- the draft Strategic Plan 2021-2025 was published a little before

-  the first consultation paper on a 2-Year budgeting process was also
published before Christmas;

-  and the draft FY21-25 Operating Plan & Financial Projections will be
posted before this summer.

In addition, based on community feedback and discussions at ICANN 63, we
will begin a consultation in Kobe on the status of ICANN’s
governance’s model, including whether and how it should evolve to continue
to serve the global ICANN community.

In the aggregate, these plans are comprehensive and address the key
challenges ICANN’s faces in the future in the areas of security;
governance; unique identifier systems; geopolitics; and financials.

Even great plans come with challenges, which we want to anticipate and
address as a prelude to implementation.  We pulled together once before,
galvanized our resources effectively and achieved a successful transition.
We need to do it again to address ICANN’s future challenges. Are we ready?
Do we, for example, collectively have the leadership, skills, resources,
knowledge and commitment required to implement these plans successfully
over the next five years? We need your help for this.

Specifically, as you prepare for Kobe, we would like your high-level input

   1. What the Board, ICANN org, and the Community should be doing now to
   prepare for the successful implementation of these plans?  Please
make *three
   suggestions* as concrete as possible, providing one each for the Board,
   ICANN org, and the Community.

   1. While the success of these plans lies primarily within ICANN, we all
   know that ICANN does not operate in a vacuum, and alliances
   and partnerships are important to our success.  How can we increase the
   likelihood that important allies and partners in the space are on the same
   page and working together to achieve common/agreed upon goals?  Please
   provide *one suggestion* of something that could be done externally to
   improve trust and collaboration.

We are looking forward to hearing *your four suggestions* during our
face-to-face meetings in Kobe so that we could then work jointly towards a
successful implementation of ICANN’s future plans, that you have been
involved in formulating.

In the meantime, we would be very grateful if you could send to Board
Operations (board-ops-team at icann.org)  the questions you would like the
Board to address during our face-to-face meetings.  Given the finite time
available for these meetings, we would appreciate it very much if you could
list your questions in order of priority.   We would also appreciate
getting your questions no later than *Monday 18 February, 2019 or sooner*.

We thank you in advance for your time on this matter and we look forward to
welcoming you in Japan!

Best regards,

Cherine Chalaby

Chair, ICANN Board of Directors
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