[council] REQUEST FOR VOLUNTEERS -- First Consultation on a 2-Year Planning Process: extending Close date to 5 March

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Thank you Keith.


For those that are interested in contributing, could you please indicate so no later than next Monday by 15:00 UTC?  I intend to send out a doodle poll looking for a time for this small team to discuss key aspects of consultation that the Council should comment on.  We’d target a time 13 to 16 UTC the 27th to the 1st, next week, for 90 minutes.


A link to the consultation doc is provided below.  There are six primary questions asking for input.  While the Council will likely comment on all of them, I do draw your attention to #4 specifically:


Q4 – Should policy development and implementation activities be integral to the planning cycle? 

For the purpose of better using the limited availability of the community stakeholders, already stretched, and to appropriately allocate ICANN’s support resources, policy development needs and activities could be considered during the planning process:

• Should the policy development activities be planned?

• What should be planned collectively by the SO/AC, if anything?

• What should be planned by the GNSO and ccNSO?


In the meantime, it will be helpful if Council members can provide input over the email list based on your experiences from the SPS, PDP3.0 and your respective group’s view/position.  It makes sense that should the community support such an initiative, the implementation could likely coincide with the launch of the next 5-Year Strategic & Operating Plan in July 2020.   


Thank you.




GNSO Policy Consultant



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Subject: REQUEST FOR VOLUNTEERS -- First Consultation on a 2-Year Planning Process: extending Close date to 5 March


Hi all, 


As discussed during today’s Council call, we need volunteers to form a drafting team to craft a Council response to this consultation.


Berry has volunteered to help coordinate the group’s work, so you’ll be in good hands. See below for more details and the link to the announcement.


Please respond to this message if you are willing and able to contribute to this important topic – it is one of the ICANN Board’s priorities for 2019, so we really need to provide our guidance and feedback as it impacts the GNSO and PDP 3.0 implementation, among other issues.





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Hi All,


Xavier just announced that the 2 Year Planning Process public comment period will now close on 5 March.


Thank you.




GNSO Policy Consultant



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Subject: [Community-Finance] First Consultation on a 2-Year Planning Process: extending Close date to 5 March


Dear all,

At the request of a couple community organizations, in consideration to the workload of the past few weeks up to ICANN64 coming up, we have extended the Close date for this public comment process to 5 March. We hope this will allow more input to be possible for those of you who may not have had time to submit it.

It is a short read, and any input, no matter how limited, including personal views, is most welcome. Please take a few minutes to review the 2-page document and submit your thoughts!


 <https://www.icann.org/public-comments/two-year-planning-2018-12-21-en> https://www.icann.org/public-comments/two-year-planning-2018-12-21-en


Thank you.






Xavier Calvez


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