[council] Letter to SubPro PDP WG Co-Chairs: GAC Input on Scope of Upcoming New gTLDs Subsequent Procedures PDP WG Public Comment

Julia Charvolen julia.charvolen at icann.org
Mon Nov 18 14:24:16 UTC 2019

Dear Jeff and Cheryl,

Please find attached a letter from the GAC Chair, Manal Ismail, on behalf of GAC Membership relative to the scope of the upcoming new gTLDs Subsequent Procedures PDP WG Public Comment proceeding, with a cc to the GNSO Council and GNSO Liaison to the GAC for their information.

The letter can be found on the GAC website correspondence page<https://gac.icann.org/contentMigrated/gac-input-on-scope-of-upcoming-new-gtlds-subsequent-procedures-pdp-wg-public-comment>.

Thank you.

Best regards,
GAC Support Team

Julia Charvolen
GAC Advice and Policy Support Manager
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