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Dear Councillors, 

Please find RySG feedback below:

⁣Maxim Alzoba​

On 18 Nov 2019, 13:01, at 13:01, Nathalie Peregrine <nathalie.peregrine at icann.org> wrote:
>Dear Maxim,
>Thank you ever so much for this feedback. Would you please be able to
>forward it to the GNSO Council mailing list for all to review prior to
>the electronic vote on Monday 25th November 2019?
>Thank you,
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>Subject: [Ext] Re: FW: Reminder: Deadline Tuesday 19 November 2019:
>Beginning of the GNSO community feedback period: Fundamental Bylaws
>Amendment Approval Action
>Dear Nathalie,
>Please find RySG feedback below:
>Maxim Alzoba
>The RySG supports the Fundamental Bylaws Amendment re IANA Naming
>Function Review Composition as requested by the ccNSO.
>The RySG appreciates the discussion during the Community Action
>Approval Forum (CAAF) that recognized the importance of the community
>process that ultimately lead to the approval of the Fundamental Bylaws
>in order to move forward with the IANA Transition as well as
>highlighting some of the challenges associated with meeting the
>prescribed requirements that ultimately lead to the amendment request
>from the ccNSO. During the discussion, Katrina Sataki also highlighted
>that the ccNSO is likely to have the same problem in finding a
>non-ccNSO representative in the event that a separation working group
>(Section 19.4) is ever required.
>The RySG also had challenges meeting the prescribed requirements for
>representatives from the RySG for the IANA Naming Function Review that
>we highlighted during the associated public comment process:
>During the CAAF, Jim Galvin recognized that the bylaws were written “
>.. very, very quickly during the transition…” and further that “… where
>we as the community find loopholes or flaws, or contradictions within
>the bylaws, it's up to us now as the communities here to raise these
>fundamental bylaw changes, to come back to ICANN Legal with proposals
>on, oh hey, we've seen a conflict here between these two requirements.
>This is really our role now in order to solve those conflicts.”
>In this context, it may be prudent for the Empowered Community to
>consider a review of the Fundamental Bylaws at some time in the future
>with a view to removing flaws, contradictions or conflicts between
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>Subject: Reminder: Deadline Tuesday 19 November 2019: Beginning of the
>GNSO community feedback period: Fundamental Bylaws Amendment Approval
>Dear Stakeholder Groups and Constituency Chairs,
>Following the Approval Action Community Forum
>on the “Fundamental Bylaws Amendment Approval Action in regard to the
>IANA Naming Function Review Composition”, which took place on Sunday, 3
>November 2019 during ICANN66, GNSO Stakeholder Groups’ and
>Constituencies’ input is now being sought by the GNSO Council. This
>marks the start of the GNSO community feedback period following the
>Approval Action Community Forum.
>Please provide opinions or comments, if any, from your Stakeholder
>Groups or Constituencies’ on the Approval Action under consideration
>that would inform the GNSO Council’s support for, objection to, or
>abstention from the Approval Action. Any feedback from your Stakeholder
>Groups and Constituencies must be submitted to the GNSO Council through
>your Council representatives by Tuesday 19 November 2019 at 23:59 UTC.
>Following the closing of the GNSO community feedback period, the GNSO
>Council – the representative body of the GNSO as a Decisional
>Participant in the Empowered Community – will conduct an electronic
>vote to decide whether to support, object to, or abstain from the
>Approval Action.
>Please use the following materials for context of the Approval Action
>that the GNSO Council is going to vote on:
>*   Board Notice of the Board Approval of Fundamental Bylaws Amendment
>re IANA Naming Function Review Composition:
>*   Board Approval of Fundamental Bylaws Amendment to composition of
>the IANA Naming Functions Review:
>*   Staff report of the public comment on the “Fundamental Bylaws
>Amendment Proposal – IANA Naming Function Review”:
>Thank you,
>Kind regards,
>Nathalie Peregrine
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>Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
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