[council] Discussion on IANA Naming Functions Review Team -- Composition and GNSO Co-Chair

Drazek, Keith kdrazek at verisign.com
Tue Oct 15 15:22:33 UTC 2019

Hi all,

In preparation for our Council discussion on 24 October, this is a reminder that we have not yet identified a GNSO Co-Chair for the IFRT (as required by the ICANN bylaws). I have communicated this to Katrina, ccNSO Chair, and she has agreed that the ccNSO-appointed Co-Chair will act as Chair until such time the GNSO can identify/appoint ours.  This will allow the IFRT to begin its work without further delay. I think it's both important and necessary for the GNSO to appoint a Co-Chair, so at some point we may have to look to replace an appointed member with someone who is willing to step up to the role, or more strongly encourage an existing member to volunteer.



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