[council] Next Council Meeting 17 December 2020 - Sub Pro WG Status & Proposed New Timeline

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Wed Dec 16 10:18:22 UTC 2020


Below is new timeline proposed by the Sub Pro Leadership.

In my opinion, these new proposed extensions are quite reasonable and realistic.  They allow the discussion of the Final Report during the GNSO Council Meeting in January. Leadership expects the Council will have 1) the consensus designation prior to the Document Deadline for the January meeting (which is 11 January), and 2) the minority reports (If any) before the January meeting itself.

The plan is to present this for a vote during the February Council Meeting. If asked for, we may consider to organize a more in-depth discussion of the report after our January Council Meeting, before the vote in February.

Let me remind that the Draft Final Report was published last Summer out for comment. It was the result of 5 years of discussions. I have witnessed that Sub Pro Leadership has been providing the Working Group with several drafts. The Working Group members have been given an opportunity to comment and their comments have been shared among the participating members. The latest drafts contain minor clean ups.

I add my personal gratitude to Staff. Without their relentless support, this was impossible to achieve.

The new timeline is a positive response to people asking for more time. The timeline will give them extra days to express support/non-support for the report. It will also add an extra 10 days for the minority report(s).

Council Approved Work Plan
Work Plan Announce Last Week
Potential Modified Work Plan
17 Dec 20 – Consensus Call
17 Dec 20 – Content Freeze
17 Dec 20 -  Content Freeze
23 Dec 20 – Final Report delivered to Council
22 Dec 20 – Consensus Call Begins
22 Dec 20 -  Consensus Call Begins

5 Jan 21 – Consensus Call Ends
8 Jan 21 – Consensus Call Ends

6 Jan 21 – Consensus Call Designations
11 Jan 21 – Consensus Call Designations

7 Jan 21 – WG Meeting to discuss designations
12 Jan 21 – WG call to discuss designations

8 Jan 21 – Challenges to Designations and Minority Reports Due
13 Jan 21 – Challenges to Consensus Call Designations

11 Jan 21 – Deliver Final Report to Council
18 Jan 21 – Minority Reports Due & Deliver Report to the Council

21 Jan 21 – GNSO Council Meeting
21 Jan 21 – GNSO Council Meeting

In sum, with this modified timeline (column to the right), the Final Report with Consensus Designations can be sent by the Document Deadline of 11 January 2021. Sub Pro Leadership expects the minority reports (fin any) to be available to the Council by the time of the discussion of the report during the January Meeting.

I look forward to our next Council meeting on Thursday.

Best regards,


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