[council] ICANN67 - Constituency Sessions - Areas of interest from the Board

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Wed Feb 5 06:09:00 UTC 2020

Hi all,

please find below the topics suggested by board for the council-board
meeting in Cancun.
we should suggest topics from our side we want to discuss with them. We
have to reply by 24th February.



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*Subject: *[ICANN Community Leaders] ICANN67 - Constituency Sessions -
Areas of interest from the Board

Dear Constituency and Stakeholder Groups Chairs,

*Please reply no later than Monday 24 February 2020*

Our first meeting of the year is approaching fast! The Board and I are very
much looking forward to engaging with you during our Community
Forum in Cancun, which is taking place from 7-12 March 2020.

As we continue working with you on the format of our engagement with your
groups, we would like to experiment a new way of interacting by offering
you to choose one or two area(s) of interest and having an open discussion
with the Board on those, instead of asking you to come up with specific

We are also suggesting that the list of areas of interest be shared with
the entire Community using the Policy digest, in order to increase
transparency and allow the groups to improve their own understanding of
their peers’ point of views on different issues.

As for time allocation, we propose to allocate the first part of our time
together to be spent on your specific areas of interest, and to allow
sufficient time to address the areas of interest indicated by the Board, if
they have not been covered by that time.

In preparation for our meetings, the Board proposes the following areas of
interest to have an open discussion with you:

   1. Key priorities for action of ICANN constituencies in 2020 (e.g.
   prioritization of recommendations, streamlining of reviews, improve
   effectiveness of ICANN’s multistakeholder model, …)
   2. Specific developments coming up that ICANN constituencies feel need
   to be addressed when updating the ICANN Strategic Plan.

We would be very grateful if you could send Board Operations (
board-ops-team at icann.org) your area(s) of interest, in order of
priority, no later than *Monday 24 February 2020.*

So you are aware, we are not changing the current total time allotted per

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our suggestions and on how to
further improve our interaction.

We thank you in advance for your time on this matter and we look forward to
welcoming you in Mexico!

Best regards,

Maarten Botterman

Chair, ICANN Board of Directors
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