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Thanks Keith,

A complex topic from a procedural point of view, while I partially agree with the position ICANN Org has taken here I’m concerned about the precedent in which it sets in certain ways. A topic for the community to discuss going forward, but thankfully no immediate need for Council to take any actions here that I see.

I understand that at the SPS the topic of EC actions and the processes was discussed as a future action item for Council, having been around and involved during the drafting of the CCWG would be happy to work with Council leadership on this topic as I think as we see below that navigating these powers and our role as a Decisional Participant in the EC is something that I think we need to be more aware of and have a better grasp of the scope and requirements that it places on Council going forward.

James Gannon

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Hi all,

FYI, a response from ICANN to the ASO concerning their Empowered Community Decisional Participant inspection request. Copied to the EC Admin email list.


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The attached is sent on behalf of John Jeffrey.


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