[council] FW: [Ext] Approval ccNSO and GNSO Councils for amendment SLA for the ccTLD Creation and Transfer Process

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Tue May 5 14:01:28 UTC 2020

Thanks James!

On May 5, 2020, at 8:57 AM, "lists at icann.guru" <lists at icann.guru> wrote:

Thanks Keith,
As a councillor and also as a CSC liaison happy to take any questions from Council on this but its  related to ccTLDs and the ccNSO has already offered its approval so I dont foresee any concerns from our side of the process.

James Gannon

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Hi all,

This will be added as an action item to our May agenda.


On 21/02/2020, 16:43, "Lars-Johan Liman" wrote:

To: Katrina Sataki, Chair of the ccNSO & Keith Drazek, Chair of the GNSO

Cc: Göran Marby, President & CEO ICANN & Kim Davies, President PTI

Re: Approval ccNSO and GNSO Councils for amendment SLA for the ccTLD Creation and Transfer Process

Date: 20 February 2020

Dear Katrina and Keith,

I am writing you to seek approval of the country code Names Supporting
Organization and Generic Names Supporting Organization Councils for the
IANA Naming Function Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the ccTLD
Creation and Transfer Process.

As you may recall the Customer Standing Committee and Public Technical
Identifiers (PTI) recently agreed on a procedure to amend SLAs (see:



Accordingly, - in case of the change of the SLA item and threshold
values, and after a public comment and agreement on the new SLA between
PTI and the Customer Standing Committee (CSC) – the CSC should seek
approval from the ccNSO and GNSO Councils on the amended SLA. After both
Councils have approved the new SLA, it will be implemented according to
the implementation plan.

Recently, the CSC and PTI have agreed to change the SLA for the ccTLD
Creation and Transfer Process (for details you are referred to the
attached document: Service levels for the ccTLD Creation and Transfer
Process, version 9 January 2020). Background for the request is that the
current SLA measures the processing time from beginning to end without
differentiating between the responsibilities of the ccTLD Manager and
PTI and the time it takes to complete a step.

Under the proposed SLA, the following will be measured and monitored:

1. The time it takes PTI staff to evaluate and to respond to each
submission of the supporting documentation

2. The time it takes to author the delegation or transfer report for
review by the ICANN Board of Directors, after all relevant material
has been submitted by the ccTLD manager

3. Counting the number of transactions with the customer as indication
of quality of the request.

For more details you are referred to the attached document.

The change request was initiated by the CSC and PTI, and, after
completing a set of required steps including a public comment period, is
now ready for approval by the ccNSO and GNSO Councils, which is required
before implementation will start.

On behalf of the CSC

Lars-Johan Liman, Chair

Appendices: PDF-version of this letter, Annex with detailed proposal.

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