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Steve Chan steve.chan at icann.org
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Dear Councilors,


Staff has compiled the list of GNSO Council liaisons to the PDPs, IRTs, standing committees, etc. Updates to this list since the AGM are captured in blue and potentially empty spots are highlighted in red. I use the word potentially for the vacancies as it will depend on how the Council would like to approach two efforts that may be considered atypical to a standalone PDP.


Please let us know if we have accurately updated the list. We also welcome your thoughts on whether the IGO Work Track and EPDP Phase 2A need their own GNSO Council liaisons.


As the Council considers initiating new work, you can start thinking now about whether you would like to volunteer to serve as the liaison for any of those future efforts.



RPMsJohn McElwaine
IGO Work TrackNoneCan the RPMs liaison also support this work, once it starts?
SubProFlip Petillion
EPDP Phase 2Olga CavalliIs this just through Board consideration or also forward-looking towards implementation as well?
EPDP Phase 2ANoneCan the EPDP Phase 2 liaison also support 2A? Note, the liaison may be asked to temporarily serve as interim Chair
Standing Committee on Budget & Operations (SCBO)Philippe FouquartPhilippe to serve as ex officio member on behalf of Council leadership
Standing Selection Committee  (SSC)Tatiana Tropina Tatiana to serve as the ex officio member on behalf of Council leadership
EPDP Phase 1 - IRTSebastien Ducos
Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues PDP Recommendations (PPSAI) - IRTNoneCurrently paused
Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information (T/T) - IRTMaxim AlzobaCurrently paused
GNSO Council liaison to the ccNSOSebastien Ducos
GNSO Council liaison to the GACJeff Neuman







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Transcripts and recordings of GNSO Working Group and Council events are located on the GNSO Master Calendar 

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