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Hi everyone,

Please have a look at David’s email, which summarises where we are with the meeting survey responses. As expected there’s been significant feedback coming from the GNSO, and we (in coordination with the SG/Cs) may need to think about how we can approach this collectively (without superseding those SG/C responses obviously) The idea is certainly not to add an extra overhead but to facilitate the ensuing work.

One idea would be to reach out to SG/C leaders with an initial format based on those responses and come up with those salient points by the deadline, which in 30 November.

Thoughts more than welcome. Thanks.


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Subject: [soac-chairs] Meeting Survey Reponses and Next Steps

Dear SO-AC Chairs:

Thank you for participating in the meeting strategy survey we sent out last month. We received a total of 176 responses to the survey with very useful input on this important topic.

We have sorted all of the responses and created individual links to the results for each SO and AC (below). As agreed previously, we ask that each Chair share your group’s consolidated feedback with your group for additional internal discussion, with a view toward consolidating the various individual responses into a single submission from your respective SO and AC. While we understand that this could be relatively more cumbersome for the At Large and GNSO communities, it will greatly facilitate our next discussion with you as to the common concerns and suggestions across the entire community. If needed, we can assist you in organizing a discussion session with your group (including any constituent structures, where applicable). We can also facilitate any meetings that you may wish to have amongst yourselves as SOAC Chairs, to compare notes prior to the next SOAC Roundtable where Goran, I and my Executive Team colleagues hope to review each group’s consolidated feedback with you.

We hope that providing you with this data will help facilitate your group discussions, so as to arrive at a single group response in accordance with the timeline proposed below.
ICANN Meeting Strategy Survey Results



ALAC Responses (48)


ccNSO Responses (26)


GAC Responses (24)


GNSO Responses (69)


RSSAC Responses (2)


SSAC Responses (7)


All Responses (176)


Here is a timeline of suggested next steps to assist with your planning and discussions.

  *   13-30 November – Each SO and AC to discuss its group’s feedback
  *   30 November - Deadline for SOAC Chairs to send consolidated feedback responses for their respective groups
  *   Early December – Special SOAC Roundtable to discuss and review all groups’ consolidated feedback
  *   January 2021 – ICANN org to finalize report for submission to the Board

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards.         David

David A. Olive
Senior Vice President
Policy Development Support
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Washington, D.C.


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