[council] story of the Standing Committee on Improvements

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Thanks Maxim.  I support this approach.  There is a reason why we do reviews and one of the results of GNSO Review 2 was the revision of the PDP (PDP 2.0).  And that revision resulted in a recommendation to create the SCI (which I believe was not restricted to Councilors by the way).

It is ironic that we are talking now about GNSO Review 3, but cant recall some of the recommendations from Review 2.  I think the SCI may have disbanded after a period of time because issues stopped being referred to that group.  But that is just my guess, so some research may help.

Thanks Maxim.

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I think might be a good idea to sync on the Standing Committee on Improvements story.
An initial set of questions: 
What happened to it and why?
Is it possible to use it again? 
Do we really need it in that form or do we need to create something new (small standing group of Councillors?)

P.s: or we could ask ICANN Staff to make initial research in the archives.

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