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Mon Feb 8 19:15:15 UTC 2021

Dear all,


Please find attached the EPDP-P2A's January project package. This will be
produced monthly to provide detailed status and health of the project as
part of the PDP3.0 implementation. The package contains:

1.	Summary timeline
2.	Project Sitrep - an extract from the Project List
3.	Project Plan
4.	Work Plan + Action Items (current & complete)


On behalf of the EPDP-P2A Chair, Keith Drazek, this email also acts as the
formal commitment to deliver an Initial Report by 31 May 2021. This date is
two months after the Chair's report back to the GNSO Council on the status
of deliberations and likelihood of consensus recommendations (see resolution
<https://gnso.icann.org/en/council/resolutions/2020#20201021> ). It is
anticipated that the EPDP-P2A Chair will provide the status update to the
Council during ICANN70. The May 2021 date was determined by the leadership
team as being more reasonable given the groups slower than expected start
and elements of substance and interest from the various parties proved a bit
more complicated than anticipated. 


The project package is a part of the 18 Feb 2021 Council agenda, under AoB.
Please advise if you have questions in the meantime. 







Berry Cobb

GNSO Policy Consultant

Principal |  <http://bacinblack.com/> BAC in Black Consulting

Mob: +1 (720) 839-5735




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