[council] GNSO Council Program Suite - 18 February 2021

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Mon Feb 8 22:54:01 UTC 2021

Dear all,


Please find attached links to the latest version of the GNSO Council's
Program Suite for the meeting on 18 February 2021. Per the agenda, the
Council will not review these tools in detail. However, after your
preliminary review in advance of the meeting and should you find an area
that you have questions or parts that need clarification, please send your
questions or comments to the mailing list.





Links to the Program Suite:

*	Program Management Tool (PMT): https://community.icann.org/x/04vzC
*	Action/Decision Radar (ADR): https://community.icann.org/x/14vzC
*	Project List (PL): https://community.icann.org/x/1YvzC
*	Action Items (AIs): https://community.icann.org/x/RgZlAg 


Key Project Changes for this Period:

*	Transfer policy - Consider launch of PDP
*	Council consideration of  the SubPro Final Report consensus
*	Council confirmation of EPDP_P2A project plan
*	1st meeting of RPM_IGO_CRWT - 22 March 2021
*	The SCBO draft of comments of ICANN Org FY22 Draft Operating Plan
and Budget by 15 Feb 2021.
*	RPM Phase 1 - public comment for Board consideration


Key Project Activities for March 2021 (ADR):

*	RPM Phase 1 - public comment for Board consideration
*	Review EPDP-P1 IRT Wave 1 report findings and what that means for
*	ICANN Org briefing document on Registration Data Accuracy due 26 Feb
*	WS2 Small Team Update and next steps
*	Continue discussions around the Standing Committee on Continuous
Improvement (ATRT3, GNSO3 Review, etc. )
*	ICANN70: 22 - 25 March
*	SSR2 discussions


Thank you.






Berry Cobb

GNSO Policy Consultant

Principal |  <http://bacinblack.com/> BAC in Black Consulting

Mob: +1 (720) 839-5735




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