[council] RPM PDP Phase 1 Recommendations Report

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Thanks for the Recommendations Report.  On Page 7 it states:

“In view of the expected workload, resource allocation, and the need for coordination with other parallel efforts, implementation of the Phase 1 final recommendations may take a minimum of two (2) years following Board adoption. However, this timeline is likely to be impacted by the timing of the approval of the SubPro PDP recommendations (including whether the Board also initiates an Operational Design Phase to plan for the SubPro implementation”

Can you explain in some more detail what is behind the 2 years minimum estimate from the time the Board approves (and presumably longer if implementing in conjunction with SubPro)?   If the Board approves this in 3 months (after a new public comment period), we are talking about implementation in May 2023 at the earliest which seems like a very long time.

I think my questions boil down to:

  1.  Line  152 (Section of the Program Tool sets IRT engagement at 270 days from Board Approval (9 Months).  How did we get to 2 years?
  2.  Is there a more detailed draft project plan that is not incorporated into the tool?
  3.  Who within ICANN staff puts together that section of the Recommendations Report and by accepting the staff generated Recommendations Report is the Council endorsing the timeline?

Thanks in advance.



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Dear Councilors,

Attached, please find the draft GNSO Council Recommendations Report to the ICANN Board on the RPM PDP Phase 1 Final Recommendations for your consideration. Following the customary practice, this report will be added to the consent agenda of the Council’s meeting on 18 February, unless there are any comments or concerns with this approach. Thank you for your review.

Best Regards,

Ariel Xinyue Liang
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