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Dear Councillors,

With a view to our continuing exchanges on the SubPro final report, please note GAC’s preliminary reactions as well as elements of next steps on their side.


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Subject: [gnso-chairs] GAC preliminary and initial reactions - SubPro PDP WG Final Report

Dear Philippe, Pam, Tatiana and Jeff,

I am submitting an email written by Manal Ismail, GAC Chair, on behalf of the GAC relative to the Subsequent Procedures for New gTLDs PDP WG Final Report.

Thank you,

Kind regards,


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Dear Philippe, Pam, Tatiana and Jeff,

GAC leadership recognizes the five year community effort to develop the SubPro PDP WG Final Report. Pursuant to Jeff’s call with Jorge Cancio (GAC representative from Switzerland, GAC Vice-Chair and GAC/GNSO point of contact) on January 29th, GAC leadership agreed to share preliminary reactions, if any, from GAC membership on the SubPro PDP WG Final Report before the upcoming GNSO Council meeting (and potential vote) to be held on the 18 February 2021. In this sense, we would like to share with you some informal feedback we have received from some GAC members for your consideration.

First and foremost, please note that GAC membership is still in the process of analyzing the SubPro PDP WG Final Report. Nonetheless GAC leadership has received some internal questions seeking clarifications on aspects of the final report as they are related to prior GAC positions.

As to substance, it has been highlighted by some GAC members that there seems to be a number of areas where GAC input has in their view not been fully considered, which may result in proposals for potential GAC Advice thereon, subject to consensus.

Such areas refer to:

-          Public Interest Commitments
-          DNS Abuse mitigation
-          Safeguards for gTLDs in Highly Regulated Sectors
-          GAC Early Warnings and Advice
-          Next Rounds of new gTLDs (costs and benefits of new gTLD rounds)
-          Auctions: Mechanisms of Last Resort / Private Resolution of Contention Sets

For your information, GAC Leadership intends to hold a preparatory webinar intersessionally on the SubPro PDP WG Final Report and next steps, and further discuss topics of priority to the GAC relative to Subsequent Procedures of New gTLDs at ICANN70. We will probably approach you in due course should GNSO participation during this webinar be foreseen.

GAC Leadership looks forward to continuing the productive dialogue with the GNSO Council.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Manal Ismail
GAC Chair


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