[council] Standing Committee for Continuous Improvement – Review of Input Received

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Wed Jan 20 16:34:35 UTC 2021

Dear Councilors,

On behalf of Council leadership team, thanks for all the inputs received to date regarding the proposed Standing Committee for Continuous Improvement (SCCI). As a first step, in the overview that is attached to this email, we have tried to capture the different comments and suggestions in combination with responses and proposals for how these might be addressed. We would like to note that we are in no way wedded to the idea of creating a standing committee or other structure, but we are looking for the most effective and efficient way to undertake the work items that are on the Council’s and GNSO community’s list by either an SCCI or similar type of overarching framework.

Similarly, a number of you have pointed to the previous SCI and the possible need to first review the work that the SCI did before an SCCI would be created, but we want to be clear, although the SCI might be similar in name, this effort is not intended to recreate the SCI. The SCI had a very specific purpose, to oversee and address any possible negative effects coming out of the 2004 GNSO Review Implementation. It worked on issues such as submission of reports and motions, voting outside of a Council meeting and waiver of ten-day motion deadline. Eventually, its work was overtaken by the 2014 GNSO Review and it was deemed no longer fit for purpose. If there is an urgent need to review the SCI work products (which were also within scope for the 2014 GNSO Review and any subsequent GNSO review), the Council would need to add this to the ADR and determine the urgency in the context of the long list of other items that are already on there.

We also appreciate that there are still quite a few questions and further details are needed before it is possible to determine whether this is the path to follow, and notably on the risks of adding management overhead as a number of you highlighted , so we would like to suggest that the leadership team works together with the staff support team to put a further detailed outline and approach together factoring in your input following which the Council can hopefully make a determination on whether to proceed with creating a new SCCI or other structure. If not, the Council will need to urgently consider how and when to best tackle the different items on the ADR.


Philippe, Pam and Tatiana


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