[council] [gnso-secs] IPC elects GNSO Councilor for 2021-2023

Pam Little pam.little at alibaba-inc.com
Wed Jun 23 07:47:01 UTC 2021

Wonderful news indeed. Congratulations, John


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Congratulations, John!
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Dear councilors,
Please see below the communication informing Council of John McElwaine’s re-election as IPC councilor for a second term, 2021-2023.
Congratulations John!
Kind regards,
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Subject: [gnso-secs] IPC elects GNSO Councilor for 2021-2023
Dear GNSO Secretariat,

The IPC re-elects John McElwaine as their GNSO Councilor for 2021-2023.  John is cc’d on this email for future communication.  Thank you.


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