[council] Voting options for GNSO Chair

Tatiana Tropina tatiana.tropina at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 09:26:45 UTC 2021

Dear Councillors,

As it was discussed briefly at the end of our September Council meeting, we
need to finalise the process by which the next GNSO Council will vote for
its new Chair.

The context is very similar to last year’s:

1. Philippe Fouquart is the sole candidate for GNSO Chair.
2. The new Council will conduct the vote after the Annual General Meeting
3. Appointment of the GNSO Chair requires 60% support of each house.
4. Historically, votes for Chair have been conducted in-person with paper
ballots and votes are anonymous.
5. The Chair position is not contested and we’re not able to meet in person
to conduct a paper vote.
6. Similar to last year, there is a range of options from acclamation to a
secret email vote. After discussing these options, Pam and I are
recommending that the Council conducts a simple roll-call vote as we did
last year. This will clearly establish that the minimum threshold had been
met to avoid a run-off between the Candidate and “none-of-the-above,” while
avoiding the unnecessary complexity of holding an email vote for an
uncontested seat.

If anyone has concerns about this suggested approach, please let us know
before the end of this week.

Warm regards,
Tatiana (and Pam)
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