[council] GNSO Council Absence Notification Form: Flip Petillion

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Fri Sep 3 11:23:38 UTC 2021

Full Name of Officer:
Heather Forrest

Officer Email Address:
haforrestesq at gmail.com

Date Prepared:
 3 September 2021

GNSO Organization:
Intellectual Property Constituency

Officer Position or Title:

Name of Absent Councilor:
Flip Petillion

Voting Remedy:
Temporary Alternate

Temporary Alternate Information

Reason(s) for or condition(s) leading to the remedy:
Flip Petillion is unable to attend the meeting.

Specific subject(s)/measure(s)/motion(s)/action(s) of the Council for which the remedy is being exercised:
Susan Payne, IPC Secretary, to attend GNSO Council Meeting in October as Flip's temporary alternate. The constituency will provide voting instructions to Susan on all votes (including Council Chair election).

Date upon which the remedy will expire or terminate:
28 October 2021

Full Name of Councilor's Temporary Alternate:
[Note: if not already published and available, a short bio and Statement/Disclosure of Interest should be prepared by the Temporary Alternate and delivered to the GNSO Secretariat in advance of any discussion or voting scheduled to take place].
Susan Payne

Temporary Alternate Email Address:
susan.payne at comlaude.com

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I Agree

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