[council] Motion to adopt the CCOICI WS2 Recommendations Report

Marika Konings marika.konings at icann.org
Wed Dec 7 08:30:33 UTC 2022

Thanks, Anne, for your questions. In relation to the WS2 SO/AC Accountability recommendations, the CCOICI WS Recommendations Report outlines the proposed status of each recommendation based on the CCOICI’s assessment (see pages 8-11 of the executive summary and pages 26-40). Most of these are either considered complete or not applicable for action, as these are not deemed the responsibility of Council but of SG/Cs to implement. As you note, chapter 7.0 of the GNSO Operating Procedures outline the operating principles and participation guidelines for GNSO Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies which already seem to align with a number of the WS2 recommendations but of course, should SG/Cs identify that there are inconsistencies between what the WS2 recommendations are requiring and what this section of the Operating Procedures requires, then further work may be needed. However, as far as I can recall, I don’t think anyone has identified any inconsistencies to date.

Regarding your question about the Pilot Holistic Review, FWIW, this is not something that the CCOICI was tasked to consider and/or has come up in the consideration of the WS2 SO/AC Accountability related recommendations.

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Many thanks, Manju and thanks for stepping up to lead this effort.  I am not familiar with the report but plan to read it before the December meeting.  One preliminary question I have is about the interrelationship between the Recommendation on SO/AC Accountability and the following:

  1.  GNSO Operating Procedures Chapter 7 – The Operating Procedures appear to contain accountability mechanisms for use by GNSO-affiliated entities.  What is the relationship between the CCOICI WS2 Recommendation and the existing provisions of Chapter 7 of the GNSO Operating Procedures?

  1.  Pilot Holistic Review – The draft Terms of Reference for the Pilot Holistic Review contained general language regarding an “audit” of SO/AC Accountability .  We assume there could be changes in the draft Terms of Reference based on public comment made.  What is the impact/relationship between that Pilot Holistic Review process and this Recommendation?

I don’t necessarily expect a clear answer to the questions above but staff may have more background.  I just wanted to raise the above for purposes of discussion in the December meeting.  These questions relate to coordination of efforts in ICANN work and organizational effectiveness.  Apologies if the relationships are already clear to those who have been on Council for a long time.   (I’m the “newbie”. ;-)

Thanks again for stepping up – looking forward to the discussion!

Anne E. Aikman-Scalese

Of Counsel

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Dear Council Members,

Please find attached the motion to adopt the Council Committee for Overseeing and Implementing Continuous Improvement (CCOICI) WS2 Recommendations Report.

This will be added to the agenda for our December Council meeting.



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