[council] For your review: EPDP Phase 1, Rec. 12 Board Draft Board Response

Caitlin Tubergen caitlin.tubergen at icann.org
Fri Jan 7 18:46:06 UTC 2022

Dear Councilors,

The EPDP Phase 1, Rec. 12 Small Team was tasked to review the Board’s understanding, as articulated in its most recent letter<https://gnso.icann.org/sites/default/files/file/field-file-attach/botterman-to-fouquart-23oct21-en.pdf>, of the intent and impact of Recommendation 12 and (i) confirm the Board’s understanding or (ii) prepare clarification questions or concerns to submit to Becky Burr (the Rec. 12 board shepherd) in advance of the meeting between the Small Team and Becky.

The Small Team agreed with the Board's assumptions, barring a few perceived textual imprecisions. The Small Team held a call with Becky Burr on Tuesday, 14 December, during which they discussed and clarified the Board’s assumptions. The draft letter to the Board captures the contents of that discussion, where Becky indicated the Small Team’s clarifications and proposed edits were acceptable.

Here is a link to the draft board response: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SrGStrtUe8ZLZ2wLoUGDPK-8SYeXBnlmokmhWCTZAM0/edit.

Please review the draft response and provide any additional concerns or edits by Monday, 17 January.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Caitlin Tubergen
Policy Director – GNSO

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