[council] Update from the WS2 Community Coordination Group

Olga Cavalli olgacavalli at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 21:06:24 UTC 2022

Dear Councilors,

I trust this email finds you well.

Please find hereunder the latest update from the WS2 Community Coordination
Group. As a reminder, the WS2 Community Coordination Group is intended to
serve as a forum to exchange best practices, lessons learned, as well as
for sharing information and progress on a number of specific CCWG
recommendations, namely, Recommendation 1.1 (on seven proposed elements of
diversity), Recommendation 1.7 (on a process for handling complaints about
diversity), and Recommendation 2.3 (on a standalone framework for
exercising Empowered Community powers).  The CCG has started its work by
focusing on recommendation 1.1 (on seven proposed elements of diversity) –
see below. If there are any concerns or comments about what is proposed
below, please feel free to share so I can take this back to the CCG as the
Council representative in this effort.

Best regards,

Olga Cavalli

GNSO Council’s Representative on the WS2-CCG

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Allgood <melissa.allgood at icann.org>
*Date: *Tuesday, 19 July 2022 at 16:39
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*Subject: *[ws2-ccg] 12 July Action Item Updates and Proposed 4 August

Thank you all for your participation in the 12 July CCG call. The session
recording can be found here:


Contributions made on the call and on the list have demonstrated that CCG
participants agree that the 7 elements of diversity detailed in the WS2
Final Report encapsulate a shared foundational understanding of diversity.
While subsequent conversations are likely necessary to ensure all elements
are clear, sufficiently meaningful, and can be implemented in each
community as they stand, the best use of group time and consultant efforts
might be found focusing on how individual groups navigate implementation of
elements in various situations.


CCG members on the call agreed that the 7 elements of diversity detailed in
the WS2 Final Report are a shared foundation of diversity within the ICANN
community. Individual community groups are empowered to expand upon these
areas of common understanding as best fits the needs of their respective
communities. Those on the call further agreed that the ICANN community
seeks to ensure there are no impediments to participation within the ICANN
community based on the diversity elements of gender, age, and disability.
Here you will find the relevant proposed language:

*The ICANN community strives to ensure that there are no impediments or
discrimination towards existing or potential community members based on the
diversity elements of gender, age, and disability. *

While discussing how to best utilize the DEI consulting team, community
members requested more information. Attached you will find biographies and
other information about Advisory83.


In preparation for our next call, 4 August at 20:00 UTC, we ask you are
prepared to share feedback on the following:

   - The proposed no impediment language regarding age, gender, and
   disability detailed above.

   - Any questions or clarification regarding the remaining 4 elements of
   diversity (geographic/regional representation, language, diverse skills,
   and SG/C) as a foundation of common understanding, noting that the SG/C
   element may not be applicable across the entire community. These elements
   are discussed in more detail in WS2 Annex 1:


Some on the 12 July call discussed how elements of diversity may have
varying levels of importance in different contexts, situations, and groups
and we hope to move the CCG into this application work.

Accordingly, we propose the 4 August call focus on ensuring that each of
the 7 elements are a sufficient basis of common understanding for
individual groups to apply within their respective communities and, time
allowing, begin discussion around application of diversity elements to
community work. We anticipate this will inform where the consulting team
can best support your efforts.


   1. Welcome
   2. Discussion regarding proposed language for approaching age, gender,
   and disability.
   3. Discussion regarding clarification and questions about the other four
   elements - geographic/regional representation, language, diverse skills,
   and SG/C - as a shared foundation to diversity within ICANN.
   4. Org team to share a tool mapping diversity requirements in individual
   group operating procedure documents.

We welcome your feedback on this approach and, as always, please let us
know if we can assist in any other way.

All the best,

Melissa (on behalf of the org CCG support team)
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