[council] FW: Request to Review the SSC Charter

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Dear Councilors,

Please have a look at Arinola's note below: the Standing Selection Committee leadership is seeking our support for the initiation of a review of the SSC charter. We discussed this within leadership and staff, this does not seem to be controversial. The proposed revised Charter will be subject to Council's endorsement.

Absent of concerns by the end of the week, the SSC will start that charter review.

The wiki space of the SSC (including the charter) can be found here https://community.icann.org/display/GSSC/GNSO+Standing+Selection+Committee+Home.

Thank you.

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Subject: Request to Review the SSC Charter

Dear Philippe,

The GNSO Standing Selection Committee (SSC) charter has not been reviewed and revised since 2018.  The SSC leadership notes that several questions have arisen that such a review could help to clarify.  The SSC recently agreed that a review and possible revision are appropriate.

With the GNSO Council oversight of the SSC and its charter, the SSC leadership is hereby notifying the GNSO Council leadership of its request to the Council to initiate a charter review.  We respectfully suggest that the GNSO Council leadership might inform the Council via its email list of the SSC's request and in absence any objection in a week's time - say Friday, 18 March - the SSC could proceed with the review.  Alternatively, if preferable this request could be added to the consent agenda for the April GNSO Council meeting.

Thank you very much for the consideration of this request.

Kind regards,

Arinola Akinyemi, Chair, SSC
Akinremi Peter Taiwo, SSC Vice Chair
Tomslin Samme-Nlar, GNSO Council Liaison to the SSC

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