[council] SubPro Question Set 4 and SubPro Topic Assumptions

Jeff Neuman jeff at jjnsolutions.com
Thu May 19 20:21:22 UTC 2022


Sorry for the delay in sending this to the Council.  Although it was sent on the ODP Mailing List, I have had a family emergency that I have been dealing with this week.

Please find attached Question Set 4, which hopefully is the last Question Set for the ODP and an updated much more extensive Assumptions Document on many more topics than have previously been published.

I will be converting Question Set 4 into a Google Document like the Previous ones and will then submit draft answers to you all.  On the Topic Assumptions, the Council should review these to ensure that they match what is in the GNSO SubPro Final Report.  I will also go through this and provide my recommendations (if any)

Again, so sorry for this delay.


Jeff Neuman
GNSO Liaison to SubPro

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