[council] GNSO Council Portfolio Management Tool (PMT) - Pre-Recorded Webinar

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Wed May 25 16:21:06 UTC 2022

Dear Councilors and SG/C Leadership,

During the GNSO Council's Strategic Planning Session late last year, concerns were raised about both the challenges in understanding the various aspects of the Portfolio Management Tool (PMT) as well as how they are updated on an ongoing basis. There were also concerns raised that in having staff update these tools, staff is making prioritization decisions on behalf of the GNSO Council and GNSO community more broadly. These concerns, as well as a general sentiment from some Councilors that they want to be more involved in the management of the tools as well as agenda setting for Council meetings, led to an action item to explore how to address these various concerns.

Council leadership first consulted with the leadership of the Council's Standing Committee on ICANN Budget & Operating Plan (SCBO), as it was specifically suggested that this may be a good venue to provide the community with a more active role in maintaining the tools and setting the Council meeting agenda. The Council and SCBO leadership team first received a briefing from the staff team that manages the PMT and we quickly realized that the community would benefit from a clearer understanding of what the PMT is, how it is updated and managed on an ongoing basis, and how the various pieces of the PMT are intended to be utilized. We believe that by simply understanding the PMT better, it will go a long way towards helping to address the concerns raised.

We have therefore asked the staff team to record a webinar on the PMT that follows the format in which it was presented to the Council/SCBO leadership team. We hope that you all agree that it is a worthwhile watch/listen, that helps all of us to be better informed about these tools and the impact they have on effective management of GNSO work.

The last couple of things I would like to add is that Berry and the team have indicated that by request, they are happy to hold Q&A sessions on the PMT as needed. In addition, the link to this recording will eventually find a home on the GNSO Wiki for future review.

Link to Zoom recording: https://icann.zoom.us/rec/share/U6GnJYPaz4V-69pa6M-IWahOEtdLc35okSl4AHOt3ASAG584Cf2u2D4Mb8seVerV.lQmXggHXED2JZRiE?startTime=1653061545000

The recording is admittedly rather lengthy, so your review might require a break or two. For that reason, as well as to identify a specific section of the recording for future re-review, please find a section breakdown with timestamps below:

00:00:00 - Setting the Stage & Objectives of the Session
00:07:25 - An overview of what the PMT suite of tools do and what they do not
00:20:17 - Deep dive into the Projects List (PL)
00:42:53 - Deep dive into monthly Project Packages for PDPs
00:54:32 - Project Plan /Gantt in Smartsheets
01:00:00 - Portfolio Management Tool (PMT) tool in Smartsheets
01:23:00 - Action Decision Radar (ADR)
01:37:00 - Key take-aways and wrap-up

Best regards,


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