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Mon Nov 7 21:21:43 UTC 2022

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Dear Council Members,

As you may recall, we discussed the possible review of the ERRP/EDDP during our meeting in July and there was an action item assigned to leadership to follow up with the RrSG to see if they had identified any issues with the ERRP / EDDP that might require further consideration. Although the RrSG shared that feedback at the time, we thought it would make sense to share it with the Council together with the Compliance report that was shared last week so that you have both pieces of information in preparation for the upcoming Council meeting and discussion on this topic.
For the record, the RrSG feedback at the time was as follows:


During the RrSG call, no member saw an issue as mentioned earlier. After the call, the meeting notes, transcript, and recording were sent to all the RrSG members.

No members filed a motion as required by the RrSG bylaws to indicate an issue with the policy. Subsequently, there was also no discussion on the RrSG member list on this topic.




As the Compliance report has been shared, I asked for the RrSG leadership to confirm or revise their position in light of it ahead of our next Council meeting where we will discuss the report.


Sebastien Ducos
GoDaddy Registry | Senior Client Services Manager
France & Australia
sebastien at registry.godaddy<mailto:sebastien at registry.godaddy>

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