[council] AOB - Board Liaison to Closed Generic discussion

Aikman-Scalese, Anne AAikman at lewisroca.com
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This certainly seems like a good idea.  I would suggest that the Board might want to appoint the liaison from Sub Pro.  (Was that Avri?)  The topic was covered so extensively in Sub Pro deliberations and the background on those discussions would be helpful.

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Hi Councillors:

I have been asked to nominate a brief discussion topic for AOB: the provision of a Board Liaison to the GAC-Council Closed Generics Team.

This issue was discussed during a recent RySG meeting with the idea that a Board liaison would be beneficial. Some in that meeting thought that there was an existing provision for a Board liaison. In any case, there have have been no Board member attendance at the Closed Generics' meetings.

For our Council discussion, I would like to get an understanding as to:

  *   whether a Board liaison is already expected (and so we should remind the Board of this)
  *   if not, whether we should request the Board to appoint a liaison (please check with your Closed Generic rep on this), and
  *   to address an associated topic, whether the Board liaison should be dis-interested or new to the issue to provide an uncoloured perspective.

If this can be simply settled or answered via an email discussion, that would be fine also.

Thanks everyone and best regards,



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