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Sebastien at registry.godaddy Sebastien at registry.godaddy
Wed Nov 16 11:21:24 UTC 2022

Dear GNSO Council colleagues and SG/C Chairs,

During the GNSO Council & SC/G Chairs call on 26 October, we discussed PDP Improvements and potential next steps for the Standing Committee on ICANN Budget and Operations (SCBO). This message is in regards to the latter. During the call, Council leadership described the proposed path forward, which at a very high level, is to evolve the SCBO away from its limited focus on drafting public comments on behalf of the GNSO Council, towards a central forum for all of the GNSO more broadly to be able to interface with ICANN finance and gather information and ask questions as needed. What is important to note is that this new central forum would NOT be responsible for drafting a singular public comment on behalf of the GNSO; the GNSO Council and SG/Cs would retain the ability to submit individual public comments, as they do now.

Council leadership believes that evolving the SCBO in this manner will meet the needs of both the GNSO Council and GNSO more broadly. Attached, you will find a brief write-up that explains the current state of the SCBO, issues that we have observed with that current state, and then a more detailed description of how we envision the SCBO evolving. We ask that if you have any concerns, please share them with this list by 30 November 2022.

If there are no objections with this approach, we believe it can be put in place as early as the FY24 ICANN Budget & Operating Plan public comment period.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


Sebastien Ducos
GoDaddy Registry | Senior Client Services Manager
France & Australia
sebastien at registry.godaddy<mailto:sebastien at registry.godaddy>

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