[council] Pam Little

Flip Petillion fpetillion at petillion.law
Wed Jun 7 09:01:47 UTC 2023

Words are lacking for me to add to what Sebastian, Marie and Susan have already expressed so well. I support any initiative through which we can honour Pam. She was a warm person and I really enjoyed working with her.

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Thanks Sebastien, that is incredibly sad news.  Absolutely agree we should honour Pam, she was a pleasure to work and spend time with, and a committed councillor and vice chair

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Beyond shocked.
Of course we must remember her in any way you think fit.
Thank you for passing on this terrible news Sebastien, that can’t have been easy.
Sending a massive hug to all who knew her.

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Subject: [council] Pam Little

Dear Council Colleagues,

It is with shock and great sadness that we learned yesterday of Pam Little’s passing earlier this week.
She was a friend and mentor to many in our community, and she served the Council as Vice-Chair until I had the privilege to replace her 2 years ago.

We will remember Pam as we gather for ICANN in DC.
I understand a toast will be raised to her and Cherie Stubbs who the CPH lost last month, after the Excellence Award ceremony.
I invited passed Council leadership who worked with her, to join us during our Council meeting in DC to say a word.
I would like for Council to pass a motion in her name as it did for Stéphane van Gelder in 2018.

Her overwhelmed family kindly asked for us that knew her best to not reach out directly, but Donna Austin offered to liaise with her husband.

Remembering a dear friend,

Sebastien Ducos
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