[CPWG] [ALAC] HIT Topics for Marrakech

Justine Chew justine.chew at gmail.com
Thu May 9 12:27:07 UTC 2019

I would say NOT #3 Effectiveness of Specific Review recommendations and
implementation because UNLESS the goal for topic has changed substantially
(and if someone can confirm this or otherwise) this topic has been
suggested by ICANN Org in response to the request made by Jonathan Zuck at
ICANN 64 in respect of the Board's reaction to the CCTRT Final Report
recommendations. I think we should back Jonathan up on this, and it's an
important CC topic.

See: https://icann.wufoo.com/reports/icann65-proposed-topics

I suspect 1. DoH may not be popular across all communities and if this is
the case, then I will still hope that At-Large can hold a session of some
kind for purposes of identifying implications to end-users. I also note
that the conversation is also moving onto DoQ (DNS over Quic)!


On Thu, 9 May 2019, 17:20 Olawale Bakare, <wales.baky at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would remove 3.
> Regards,
> Wale
> On Wed, 8 May 2019, 05:12 Maureen Hilyard, <maureen.hilyard at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> Thank you all for the contributions and discussions that arose out of
>> this request for topics for the HIT/CC sessions in Marrakech.
>> 1. The first issue was the consolidated approach that was proposed by
>> Keith and there were four areas that were suggested and accepted by 8
>> respondents initially
>> 2. Then after Sebastian suggested DoH there were 15 respondents who
>> agreed to include DoH adding their reasons to Sebastian's "because it is
>> important to end-users and important to keep the Internet open to all".
>> So from the email discussions, the suggestions are:
>> 1. DOH
>> 2. Future of Multistakeholder Model of Governance
>> 3. Effectiveness of Specific Review recommendations
>> 4. UA
>> 5. Combined EPDP2, GDPR, Who is accuracy and Unified Access Model
>> Something to discuss in the CPWG meeting is that if the SO-ACs decide on
>> only 4 sessions, which one would you remove?  Also we will need talking
>> points on their final list.
>> Maureen
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