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I'm reading through this, and there is one thing I note repeatedly
that nags at me: there continue to be parts of this that suggest the
"naming functions" IANA people are transferred to PTI, and the
document isn't terribly clear what happens to the other functions.

This is not completely consistent throughout the document.  For
instance, Annex M seems to be imagining a wholesale transfer of IANA
operations from one operator to another (but leaves out details of
non-naming functions, as is appropriate for the document).

I thought the agreement was that the CWG proposal imagines moving all
IANA functions to PTI.  The other communities can of course continue
their agreements with ICANN, which is going to subcontract all the
IANA functions to the PTI.  The other communities have been clear that
they don't see a fundamental conflict here, which by implication means
that they do not think there is anything preventing such a subcontract

I think the proposal needs to be clear that it proposes to move all
the IANA functions to PTI, but that it remains mute on the precise
details of how that will work for all the non-naming functions.  I
don't see how we can propose anything else, for if we do we are
essentially proposing to break up the IANA functions across two
operators.  I don't think we actually want to make that proposal,

Apologies for today's meeting; I have grave doubts that I'll make any of it and I will certainly miss the first hour.

Best regards,


On Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 10:54:21PM +0000, Grace Abuhamad wrote:
> Dear CWG-Stewardship,
> Here attached is the first version of the Final Proposal. My computer
> crashed in the midst of formatting changes, and I have only been able to
> recover this version at this time. Substantive changes are all included, but
> it¹s not as Œfinal¹ as I had intended to send you.
> Open Items for discussion on call Tuesday
> * PTI Board skill set requirements (paragraph 102)
> * Need final version of DT-N/X/SR (page 23)
> * DT-C to provide an updated version of their Charter and annex documents
> following review of the Public Comment
> * DT-F to confirm if there are any changes to Section III.A.iii (page 27)
> * With regard to the replacement of approval function for major
> architectural and operational changes: the ICANN Board will be responsible
> for approving changes, but there remains the question of what will
> commission a working group and deliver the report to the Board? Is this an
> item for the CSC?
> * .INT language
> * Section IV.D. Implementation List
> * Section VI
> Staff edits to make
> * Add Term Sheet as annex
> * Renumber annexes
> * Fix glossary to alpha order
> * Fix numbering and heading formatting
> Final stretch!
> ‹Grace

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