[CWG-Stewardship] v1 Final Proposal

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I have an objection to paragraph 102 on PTI board. I thought we had made it clear that a substantial amount of public comment, and virtually ALL civil society groups, had asked for at least a minority of the PTI board to be independent of ICANN. I do not understand why these comments, and the participation of NCSG's representative, were simply disregarded. The description of the model of the PTI board in 102 provides for a maximum of 5 members and proposes 3 ICANN-designated staff members. There is no reason why a simply compromise calling for 2 independent directors could not be honored. What is preventing us, for example, from making the 4th and 5th board members the IETF liaison and the ASO liaison to the ICANN board?


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Dear CWG-Stewardship,

Here attached is the first version of the Final Proposal. My computer crashed in the midst of formatting changes, and I have only been able to recover this version at this time. Substantive changes are all included, but it's not as 'final' as I had intended to send you.

Open Items for discussion on call Tuesday

  *   PTI Board skill set requirements (paragraph 102)
  *   Need final version of DT-N/X/SR (page 23)
  *   DT-C to provide an updated version of their Charter and annex documents following review of the Public Comment
  *   DT-F to confirm if there are any changes to Section III.A.iii (page 27)
  *   With regard to the replacement of approval function for major architectural and operational changes: the ICANN Board will be responsible for approving changes, but there remains the question of what will commission a working group and deliver the report to the Board? Is this an item for the CSC?
  *   .INT language
  *   Section IV.D. Implementation List
  *   Section VI
Staff edits to make

  *   Add Term Sheet as annex
  *   Renumber annexes
  *   Fix glossary to alpha order
  *   Fix numbering and heading formatting

Final stretch!

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