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David Conrad david.conrad at icann.org
Thu Jun 4 02:58:00 UTC 2015


Apologies for the slow response ‹ a bit buried in stuff right now.

> I'm going on what Suzanne said, which is that the consulting that has been
> done to date to support IANA was "not undertaken directly by IANA staff."

I'm not sure that's accurate.

Historically, perhaps the largest expenditure related to IANA in its history
was the development of the facilities and processes necessary to DNSSEC-sign
the root.  This was definitely undertaken directly by IANA staff and it was
millions of dollars in both capex and opex (and I believe continues to be a
very significant opex outlay ‹ those two secure Key Management Facilities
are expensive, but Elise or Xavier would know for sure).

There was also the development of the Root Zone automation, which was
performed, in part, by IANA staff (or contractors employed at the direction
of IANA staff).  On going updates and modifications to that system, and in
particular, changes necessary to match whatever the community comes up with
for the future of root management will be at the direction of IANA staff.

In addition, there are a number of aging software systems currently in use
by IANA staff that are (or were) slated to be replaced, e.g., the PEN
request/management system.

Looking forward, the community appears to want to impose a vast array of new
service level requirements for the IANA functions (and not just
naming-related functions) that will need to be monitored.  In order to meet
these new requirements, non-trivial amounts of software development will be
necessary. Presumably this would be undertaken directly by IANA staff.

So while I might agree that research-related expenditures are "not
undertaken directly by IANA staff", I do not think it accurate to state
development is not undertaken by IANA staff.


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