[CWG-Stewardship] Transition Proposal v.3 -- Edits due on Sunday at 23:59 UTC

Andrew Sullivan ajs at anvilwalrusden.com
Fri Jun 5 13:38:36 UTC 2015

On Fri, Jun 05, 2015 at 04:07:05AM +0000, Grace Abuhamad wrote:

> Attached is the updated proposal.
> in-between version) so that you have it, but please note that version 3 is
> the version to work off of.  There are still lots of formatting fixes in
> version 3, but we will work on these over the weekend and on Monday.

Just to be clear, however, there won't be another version between now
and Monday, right?  So we can treat this as the only version we need
to look at?


Andrew Sullivan
ajs at anvilwalrusden.com

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