[CWG-Stewardship] Update on the last items from the call 4th June

Lise Fuhr lise.fuhr at difo.dk
Sun Jun 7 07:00:20 UTC 2015

Hi All,


I realise that I never sent this to you - just made it ready for sending -
better late than never..


As promised at the last CWG call, we send you a written update on the item
5-7 on the agenda.


5. CCWG-Accountability 

a.            Phrasing conditionality in the CWG Proposal 


As instructed by the Client Committee Wednesday 3rd June, Sidley has phrased
the conditionality so that if the requirement are not met then the proposal
will require revision. Jonathan sent Sidley's rider and their comments to
the CWG proposal to the CWG group Thursday 4th of June. Please read it and
we will discuss it during the next call Tuesday 9th of June.


b.  CCWG-Accountability Public Comment closed yesterday 


The CWG chairs have sent comments to the CCWG draft proposal to the chairs
of the CCWG and submitted it. Jonathan sent a copy of the comments to the
CWG group on Wednesday 3rd June.


6. Overall Timeline / Milestones

a.            Communications and c. Sessions at ICANN 53


Regarding the communication it is important that participants and members
help educating and informing the community regarding the proposal - you are
ambassadors for our work. We have all made great efforts and sacrifices in
order to build a solid well-considered piece of work that of course and
necessarily contain compromises. Now we need to you all to inform and
educate the different groups to aide in consideration for approval and
support in BA.


b. Webinars on 11 June


There will be two webinars on Thursday 11th of June. The CWG-chair will run
the webinars - one during the morning and one early afternoon. The webinars
will be based on a slide-deck, that we will send to the CWG group to use for
educating their respective SO or AC and once more we encourage you all to
use the slides. We will have help from Xplane in doing the graphics to have
a comprehensive and explanatory set of slides.


We have decides to offer live interpretation, but participants need to sign
up for interpretation before the webinar.


7. Client Committee - Instructions to Sidley


Wednesday 3rd June the Client Committee sent instructions to Sidley


1.            The CWG's requirements in order to finish the proposal

2.            The CWG's requirements to support the proposal in B.A.

3.            The CWG's potential requirements post B.A. and/or with


The following need to be secured by Sidley in advance of concluding the
final proposal for send-off next week.


A.            A form of language which effectively captures the conditional
nature of the proposal i.e. that the proposal is valid if and only if
adequate accountability mechanisms are in place. These mechanisms are
currently contemplated by the CWG in conjunction with the CCWG


B.            A confirmation around the use (or not) of the ICANN bylaws as
described in the CWG proposal in order to capture the necessary components
of the CWG proposal that need to be enshrined in the ICANN bylaws.


C.            A confirmation that the final proposal is consistent with
Sidley's advice given to date and, to the extent that it is not, what
changes are required.


The CWG chairs find that the response from Sidley from 4th June includes all
these issues. As mentioned earlier this is to be discussed during the third
reading of the proposal on Tuesday 9th June.


Best regards,


Jonathan and Lise





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