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David Conrad david.conrad at icann.org
Thu Jun 11 17:29:56 UTC 2015


> Thanks -- that's very helpful and supports the position that the IETF is not
> now and never has been IANA.  (Which in no way discounts the close
> relationship that the IETF has with IANA, and the historical origins of both.)
> [Š] 

No one has ever said that IETF ³is² the IANA. What has been said is that the
IANA is a label for registries based on IETF standards. I strongly suggest
that you read RFC 2434 here: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2434 for a basic
explanation of what IANA is and how it is related to IETF.

I'd also suggest reading
https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/sac-067-en.pdf, section 2.

Next I would suggest that you read RFC 2860, the MoU between ICANN and IETF
regarding the IANA functions for protocols, which commits ICANN to
³The IANA will assign and register Internet protocol parameters
only as directed by the criteria and procedures specified in RFCsŠ²
In RFC 2860, the IETF basically dictates to ICANN what the IANA will do to
ensure that it is integrated with the IETF standards development process.
The IANA is therefore an extension of IETF¹s standards process, it
coordinates unique entries in various registries created by the IETF

If it helps, it might be easier to view IETF as an Standards Development
Organization and "the IANA" (initially (in the early '70s) with Jon Postel
as the  sole "numbers czar" then later, more formalized and having multiple
full-time staff) as its secretariat.  That is, I believe, how "the IANA" has
always functioned and my understanding (which is undoubtedly wrong) was that
ICANN was created in order (among other things) to provide a legal entity
for the IANA functions.


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