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Why would it be any more advantageous to move to PTI than leaving it where
it is currently is? As already mentioned on other list, I don't see any
sensible reason for doing that, hence I disagree; PTI is not independent of
ICANN neither is it a known and tested entity as at today. As far as our
proposal is concerned PTI is a glorified ICANN department and I don't think
dealing with the child would be more assuring than dealing directly with
the parent.

However there has been indication that there may be a future with divided
IFO by communities, and continued access to the trademarks/domain as
present would need to be ensured. This is the only reason I would support
moving it to IETF trust especially if we don't think those requirement can
be legally ensured with the current owner.


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On 13 Jun 2015 18:45, "Avri Doria" <avri at acm.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> I believe that I support the principle of separability as much as most.
> That is why I believe  the intellectual property and the domain name
> should remain with the only organization whch will have repsonsiblities
> to all the communities (albeit some indirectly thought the parent
> company), i.e., PTI.
> I just do not see any sense in turning it over to a trust that has
> fiduciary responsibility to the IETF solely.
> avri
> On 13-Jun-15 12:06, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> >> -----Original Message-----
> >> As for the
> >> supposed contradiction you cite, first, I think this is letting
> >> separability be the tail that wags the dog.  I generally support
> >> separability, but it doesn't trump looking at an issue in its own
> >> context.
> > This strikes me as a purely rhetorical retort with no substantive
> content.
> > Separability is not a "tail" but a fundamental accountability mechanism
> and it is unclear what you think the "dog" is here.
> > You'd need to explain how PTI owning something rather than just using it
> is more important than separability, and you haven't done that.
> >
> >> (As previously noted, having PTI own the mark might make
> >> separability slightly easier, since it would be with other assets that
> >> the next IFO would need to receive in a scenario where PTI was
> >> relieved of its duties in favor of a third party.)
> > This is really, really unpersuasive. You're saying it would be easier to
> take the marks away from an entity that owns them than it would be for a
> higher-level entity (IETF Trust) to shift their use from one IFO to
> another. Sorry, not buying that.
> >
> > I think we have different notions of what "separability" means. To me it
> means a community and customer-driven decision to change operators, not a
> decision by ICANN to move assets from one corporation to another. This
> means that the IPR associated with IANA needs to be held in a place that is
> independent of any IFO. I think that's what it means to the other
> operational communities too.
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