[CWG-Stewardship] ICG request concerning IANA trademark and iana.org domain name

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Mon Jun 22 14:37:39 UTC 2015

Thanks Andrew.  The more expertise we can bring to bear on this the better.


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On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 01:55:15PM +0000, James Gannon wrote:
> In an attempt to find a common ground, I would like to make a 
> suggestion that we receive independent legal advice external to the 
> contributions of the lawyers in this group

For whatever it's worth, Jari and I (with our IETF and IAB hats on) asked the IAOC to ask the IETF's counsel for his view (this is within Jorge's area of specialization).  I've asked him to review some of the discussion on the list as well.  I observe that one of the things the Trust does is hold the marks for the IETF.

None of that is meant to minimise Avri's argument, which is different (i.e. hers is not that the IETF Trust _can't_ hold the mark, but that it shouldn't).  The "can" and "should" questions are different problems, and I thought more views about the "can" one would be helpful.  I'll ensure that I can get whatever advice the IAOC receives to release back to the CWG.  I don't wish to suggest that we should accept whatever Jorge says; I'm just offering to get the opinion of someone else in the field.

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