[CWG-Stewardship] ICG request concerning IANA trademark and iana.org domain name

Andrew Sullivan ajs at anvilwalrusden.com
Tue Jun 23 18:06:31 UTC 2015


On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 11:33:13AM -0300, Greg Shatan wrote:
> will first need to gather our facts (and not just the facts that tend to
> support a particular position), without which any independent counsel will
> be (literally) clueless.

After some hallway conversations yesterday, it seems to me that, while
the above is a good idea, such fact-gathering and so on is really part
of implementation.

Therefore, it seems to me that (especially since the sample term sheet
is called out as not being normative anyway) it would be possible to
remove the term sheet annex (or approve the document without it or
something like that) in order to send the document to the ICG.  After
all, by removing the text and standing mute, the proposals as such are
not inconsistent.

That would allow us to get on with one important task (transmitting to
the ICG) while working on another (sorting out the IPR issues).

Does that seem reasonable?


Andrew Sullivan
ajs at anvilwalrusden.com

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