[ECAdmin] Secretary's Notice to Empowered Community

Samantha Eisner Samantha.Eisner at icann.org
Sat Sep 14 03:48:18 UTC 2019

As the section of the letter that discussed the Empowered Community’s next steps is not a required part of the Notice, the Notice remains in effects and we will issue a clarification on the timing on the next business day. Thank you.

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On Sep 13, 2019, at 5:26 PM, Stephen Deerhake <stephen at deerhake.as<mailto:stephen at deerhake.as>> wrote:

Dear Mr. Jeffrey,

On behalf of the Empowered Community Administration, I regret to inform you that your correspondence announcing the Board’s change to Article 12, Section 12.2(b) (SSAC) and Article 12, Section 12.2(c) (RSSAC) is defective and cannot be accepted by the Empowered Community Administration.

Your correspondence regarding the Board’s change to Article 18, Section 18.7(b)  (Composition of IFR Teams) appears to be in order, and is accepted by the Empowered Community Administration and will be appropriately distributed.

The Empowered Community Administration’s reason for rejecting your correspondence regarding the Board’s action with regards to Article 12, Section 12.2(b) and Article 12, Section 12.2(c) is as follows:

In both instances, your correspondence states that “Within the Standard Bylaws Amendment Process, the Empowered Community now has the opportunity to consider, within 30 days of this Board Notice, whether it will deliver a Rejection Action Petition Notice.”

This is inconsistent with what the Bylaws (Annex D, Section 2.2(b)) state:

“During the period beginning on the Rejection Action Board Notification Date and ending at 11:59 p.m. (as calculated by local time at the location of ICANN’s principal office) on the date that is the 21st day after the Rejection Action Board Notification date…”

Whilst the Empowered Community Administration appreciates your offer for an additional 9 days to consider these Bylaw amendments, we do note that said offer is inconsistent with the Bylaws, and thus we will have to decline your offer.

Can you please provide the Empowered Community Administration, at your earliest convenience, corrected correspondence regarding the Board’s recent action regarding Article 12, Section 12.2(b) and Article 12, Section 12.2(c)?  Separate correspondence for each Board action is appreciated.

On behalf of the Empowered Community Administration,

Stephen Deerhake
ccNSO Representative to the Empowered Community Administration

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Subject: [ECAdmin] Secretary's Notice to Empowered Community

Dear EC Administration and Decisional Participants,

Attached you will find three Board notices of approval of Bylaws amendments from the Board’s 8 September 2019 meeting.  For ease of tracking the two Empowered Community Rejection Actions and one Empowered Community Approval Action triggered by these Board decisions, I am providing you with separate notices for each.

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