[ECAdmin] Notice of Expiration of Rejection Action Periods for (1) Board Approval of FY21 Operating Plan and Budget and (2) Board Approval of FY21-25 Five Year Operating and Financial Plan

Ozan Sahin ozan.sahin at icann.org
Sat Jun 6 08:20:59 UTC 2020

Dear Empowered Community Administration representatives,

I am writing to confirm that, in accordance with the timelines and procedures set out in Annex D of the ICANN Bylaws, the 21-day Rejection Action Petition Periods pertaining to the (1) FY21 Operating Plan and Budget and (2) FY21-25 Five Year Operating and Financial Plan that were approved by the ICANN Board have expired. No Rejection Action Petition Notices (as defined in Annex D, Section 2.2(c)(i)) were received by the Empowered Community Administration within the prescribed timeframe.

As such, under Annex D, Section 2.2(c)(ii), the Rejection Processes for (1) FY21 Operating Plan and Budget and (2) FY21-25 Five Year Operating and Financial Plan are thus automatically terminated. The next step is for the Empowered Community Administration to deliver to the ICANN Secretary two notices certifying that the Rejection Processes have been terminated with respect to these particular Rejection Actions. ICANN will then post the Rejection Process Termination Notices on the ICANN website.

Please let staff know if the Empowered Community Administration wishes for staff to assist you with the requisite Rejection Process Termination Notices.

Best regards,
Ozan Sahin (on behalf of the staff supporting Empowered Community Administration)

Ozan Sahin
Policy Specialist
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Telephone:       +90 212 999 6218
Mobile:             +90 533 641 0007
Skype:              ozan.sahin.icann
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