[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] Proposed Agenda - Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team meeting #10 on Thursday 16 December at 13.00 UTC

Brian Gutterman brian.gutterman at icann.org
Wed Dec 15 15:02:50 UTC 2021

Hi all,

Apologies but I won’t be able to make tomorrow’s meeting. I’ll be sure to listen to the recording and catch up on the notes.

Dear Michael, all,
FYI -With respect to the still-developing final list of questions for Org, after consulting with some of the relevant SMEs internally we do think it might be difficult to meet the original timeline/deadline for getting answers back to the group by the Dec 23rd (some important SMEs have previously scheduled Holiday time off next week); with that being said, we’re of course going to do everything we can to provide answers in a timely fashion to keep the work moving along. Policy team colleagues can provide more info if needed during the call tomorrow, and I’ll be back to join the following weeks’ meeting on the 23rd.


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Subject: [GNSO-Accuracy-ST] Proposed Agenda - Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team meeting #10 on Thursday 16 December at 13.00 UTC

Dear All,

Please find below the proposed agenda for the next Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team meeting which is scheduled for Thursday 16 December at 13.00 UTC. You will find attached for your review the reorganized questions for ICANN org (see agenda item #2). As discussed, we’ve aimed to group similar questions together to facilitate the development of responses. In redline you will find some edits that we are proposing to make, mainly for clarity, consistency and/or referencing. If you have any comments or concerns about this reorganization and/or proposed edits, please flag these on the mailing list in advance of the meeting.

As a reminder:

  *   Groups who have not provided inputs for the Gap Analysis (BC, GAC, ISPCP, NCSG) to do so in advance of the Team's next meeting on Thursday, 16 December.

Best regards,

Caitlin, Berry and Marika

Registration Data Accuracy Scoping Team – Meeting #10
Thursday 16 December at 13.00 UTC

  1.  Welcome & Chair Updates (5 minutes)
     *   Vice-chair
     *   Communication to Council

  1.  Finalize questions to ICANN org regarding enforcement and Accuracy Reporting System (10 minutes)
     *   See cleaned up version developed by staff support team (see attached)
     *   Scoping team input
     *   Confirm final questions for submission to ICANN org

  1.  Gap Analysis (40 minutes)
     *   Review input received from scoping team: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11msexuoqWSUsFj8ZjVvWF-XHpcMJntWH/edit [docs.google.com]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/docs.google.com/document/d/11msexuoqWSUsFj8ZjVvWF-XHpcMJntWH/edit__;!!PtGJab4!uNoMkqDVwYQL3Ah9UpOhSaNYvnDup7G6cbIw0e6MeW6YkQqAbHmDKxHaBHO_LIljSE0ZP03lEQ$>
     *   Scoping team input
     *   Confirm next steps

  1.  Confirm action items & next meeting (Thursday 23 December at 14.00 UTC)

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