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So why the baseline Registry Agreement is largely void of any issues on accuracy of registrant data, there are other Registry Operators which have voluntarily subjected themselves to heightened standards via policies and/or RSPEs when it comes to additional data elements collected/processed by Registry Operators that I think touch on accuracy. Listed below are some of the RA policies I will be running up the flag pole with the group.


>From the original 2001 proof of concept round, .AERO was one of the first TLD that required the process of registrant data prior to being able to obtain a gTLD domain name registration.  If you look at the current .AERO registration website you will see the following requirement:


Obtain your .aero ID, prior to registration of your chosen domain name through a .aero authorised registrar, this unique validity process screens potential domain registrants thus ensuring the integrity and the exclusivity of the .aero domain.
See https://information.aero/registration and https://information.aero/node/add/request-aero-id 


>From the 2004 Sponsored round perhaps the best example was .XXX which made the following representations:




The Registry will authenticate members of the Sponsored Community, as part of the name registration process. As part of this process, the Registry will validate contact information for the Registrant, secure the Registrant’s affirmative consent to the Registry-Registrant Agreement, and issue unique Membership Credentials. The Membership Application Process must be completed before a domain name is permitted to resolve in the TLD.

See https://www.icmregistry.com/about/policies/launch/#general_aval


Moving forward to the 2012 Round there were several registries that processed registrant data as part of the registration process:


fTLD submitted an approved RSEP to ICANN for the processing of Registrant information prior to registration. The name of this RSEP is Dynamic Registration Verification and is available here, see https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/rsep-2017039-bank-et-al-request-11dec17-en.pdf This webpage shows the information that fTLD collects from prospective registrants as part of their verification process, see https://www.register.bank/get-started/


NABP, the Registry Operator of .PHARMACY, has also vetted prospective registrants as part of its registration process, see https://nabp.pharmacy/programs/accreditations-inspections/dotpharmacy/#apply


In addition, every .BRAND Registry Operator has a requirement to limit registrations in that TLD to either the Brand owner or “Trademark Licensee” so this would be a further example of where a Registry Operator is processing data about a Registrant (e.g. Trademark Licensee) that may or may not appear in the Whois/RDDS output.


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