[GNSO-Accuracy-ST] Update regarding Thursday's Meeting

Michael Palage michael at palage.com
Mon Nov 22 17:45:28 UTC 2021

Hello All,


In light of the number of team members that will not be attending Thursday's
call due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, there will be no substantive
material discussed on Thursday's meeting. Instead, I will use the meeting to
provide an expanded administrative update similar to the administrative
update at the start of our regular meetings. 


In light of the concerns expressed by some team members about
inconveniencing those ICANN colleagues that may be celebrating the
Thanksgiving holiday, I am coordinating with ICANN Org to minimize/remove
any such potential inconveniences. 


As I expressed several weeks ago, the objective was NOT to have a
substantive plenary call on Thursday provided that we were on track with our
work assignments.  Unfortunately, after almost a three week window in which
the group was supposed to review all of the background material and draft
questions to ICANN Org, there is a total of 7 questions (1 group question, 4
from ALAC, and 2 from the Registrars). I do want to acknowledge that those
stakeholder groups happy with the status quo may have reviewed the material
and decided they have no questions.  


However, given that this Working Group was constituted as a result of the
EPDP Phase 2 work, and ICANN Org has invested a substantial amount of time
preparing detailed background documentation, I have to be honest with the
group that I found the resulting lack of questions a little disappointing.
To be clear I want to acknowledge and appreciate the questions that Alan and
Roger have submitted on behalf of ALAC and the Registrars respectively.
While I fully appreciate that many team members have had illnesses,
professional obligations, and other personal conflicts over the past couple
of weeks, we had sought and obtained approval from the GNSO Council to use
alternates to help with delegating the work assignments.  


The agenda for our meeting on December 2nd will be to finalize the list of
questions to ICANN Org as well as our other outstanding items.  Our ICANN
colleagues will be sending out a formal agenda for the December 2nd meeting
tomorrow. It is critical that we finalize a list of questions to ICANN Org
so that we can get responses before the ICANN end of year holiday quiet
period.  To help stimulate the formulation of questions to our ICANN
colleagues I spent a large portion of my weekend drafting proposed
questions, and will be sending those questions to the list shortly.


Best regards,








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